Dura-Plas Cement Paint Putty 3 in 1 Ultra Thin Application for Wall for both Interior and Exterior

Product Description

DURA-PLAS Maxi is an Advanced Technology German formulation 3-in-1 as paint primer for both exterior and interior use as concrete topping finish. It is used as a paint primer / topcoat to beautify and protect concrete plaster topping and finishing requirements, flat and even surface can be attained by sanding, good for new and repainting job, just add clean water, no additives required.

Cement    :       Cement base that bonds well on concrete wall

Paint         :      Comes in Color, serves as primer, or topcoat paint, no need for concrete neutralizer.

Putty        :      Applied area can be sanded to remove unwanted wavy wall to obtain flat and even surface, ready for top coat paint.

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