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Product Description

Water Proofing Compound 908g

Cement Waterproofing Compound

For Watertight Concrete

Net Weight: 908g

This bag contains 908g of Sahara Cement Waterpoofing Compound, the exact amount to be added to a forty (40) kg bag of cement, no need to weigh or measure. Add the Sahara To the cement and mix well then add the mixture in the usual way with the aggregate (Sand & Gravel) and mix well. Add the usual amount of water and mix again. If a concrete mixer is used, place the cement, Sahara and aggregates in the mixer and mix for several minutes before adding the water then pour in the water and mix again.

For Integral Waterproofing, best results are obtained if the entire concrete mixture is integrally waterproofed with Sahara before pouring into the forms in the usual way. This is especially desirable when constructing deck roofs, room cellars, basements in damp surroundings , tank reserviors, pools, conduits, and many other types of structures where moisture and dampness are desired to be excluded.

For Surface Waterproofing, ordinary concrete is naturally porous and allows unwanted moisture and water to seep through no matter how well made and placed concrete is the aggregates and cement mixture do not nest together perfectly to eliminate voids or empty spaces between particles water permeating through these voids will slowly dissolve the binding compound in the concrete of mortar structure. Sahara cement waterproofing compounds fill these empty voids and cracks making the concrete watertight and with its repellent quality prevents moisture from seeping through.

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