In English, Feng Shui simply means "wind-water". Feng Shui is a Chinese art or practice of positioning objects or structures so that spiritual forces can be harmonized. The system of beliefs is based on the Yin and Yang patterns and the overall energy flow( (Qi or Chi).

Whether at the forefront or subconscious of the design process, the notions of Feng Shui are a constant. There are occasions when the principles behind this technique clash with the design brain, in which case they will eventually be overlooked to allow the project's creativity to flourish in a whimsical, provocative juxtaposition. Feng shui is a wonderful and functional way of attracting positive energy into your house, beyond being a common term for home decor. You should certainly try feng shui home tips by filling your home with life strength and adding healing to your life to build a happy, safe and peaceful atmosphere!

Feng shui does not need a home to be fully renovated. With minor changes that impact your everyday life, with feng shui, we can ensure that our homes improve. We shared a feng shui home tip in this article that will guide you to achieve balance in your living and working space and optimize your success potential in all areas of your life. Feng shui's goal is to welcome positive chi into your home so that your life feels both energetic and balanced, and it's a pretty easy way to enhance your room's vibes.

Below are some Feng Shui Tips that you can take advantage of this 2022 Year of Tiger:

Commanding Position

In feng shui, the commanding position is one of the most significant concepts. This is basically the location of some significant furniture pieces: the bed (you), the table ( your career), and the stove ( your wealth). While you might not be able to move your stove, moving your bed and desk into a better position is probably reasonably straightforward. You should be able to see your door when you’re on your bed or on the table. You're not supposed to be straight in line with the entrance, but you're not supposed to have your back to it either.

Vertical Surfaces

Interior architecture is not as easy as one would think. It is a science that is bound by its own components and values, all of which function together and depend on each other. For all fine art, these components are important and are used by artisans of all kinds: painters, sculptors, photographers, interior designers, etc. Over the course of history, they have been found and refined. One thing that one should focus on is adding some vertical shapes and lines along the surface. 

Expansion and growth can be achieved when you integrate certain vertical forms and lines into your house, according to feng shui. There are several ways on how you can make your interior or room taller. One is you can add illumination where the light goes upwards or even adding some tree to a corner. You can also put some tall shelves in the corner after working with its parameters. 

Clean it Up

It is possible that having too much clutter around would not do your mental clarity any favors, let alone your interior design scheme. In feng shui, it is believed that clutter takes up precious space required for new incoming energy. Clutter inhibits the flow of positive energies and, according to Feng Shui principles, creates a convoluted and confused mind. It presents a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere to keep your environment clean and well organized. 

We suggest making a habit of cleaning up your office. Not only can it make you feel less stressed out, but in such chaotic times, it will also build a sense of order. Plus, every day, you will get a clean start, which should help your productivity. For a major effect, other quick cleans: your windows (they're called the building's eyes). In order to optimize your sunshine, give the glass a new shimmer. 

Tidy up your Doorway

In feng shui, the main entrance is very important since it is through the main door that the house receives its energy nourishment Chi or feng shui. While a strong front door would be able to draw powerful energy, it is up to the good nature of feng shui in the main entrance to be able to ground and direct this energy into the home further. When a building has healthy energy flowing in it, higher levels of well-being are experienced by people living in the house. If the energy in your main entrance is blocked, the house is not going to have enough energy to sustain the quality of your own personal energy, so to speak.

Your doorway in feng shui illustrates the way energy reaches your home and your life. Get rid of balled-up socks and stacks. Do some decluttering and dusting. Add some plants and artwork if you have the room. To make the place feel welcoming, do whatever you can.


Light represents fire. It is one of the very basics of good Feng Shui and is the greatest manifestation of energy. This adds to the rhythm of Qii's work and living room (a Chinese term for energy and life force). Light combined with air quality replenishes the exhausted positive energy capacity of our bodies.

In Feng Shui, light must be open to all areas of the room. Since light stimulates energy and sets it in motion, it really makes sense. Think of the correct multi-level lighting in advance and take care of additional light sources to activate good energy in all rooms, such as cute lamps or floor lamps. And, of course, as they create a special intimate atmosphere in the room that can not be done with other lighting choices, candles are another favourite. 

There are plenty of ways to integrate Feng Shui into the architectural architecture of your house. If it's an important piece of the puzzle for you, you can definitely enlist the aid of a practice specialist to consult with your architect and interior designer to ensure that the basics are met.

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