Buildeee is a technology enabled platform solution for home builders, architects, interior designers, construction companies, suppliers, and contractors. We provide an online ecosystem where customers and providers can avail of trusted services, materials to build homes and other building projects.

As you start planning to build your dream home or start thinking about a home improvement project, where do you go? Do you try to search for ideas over at Pinterest or Instagram? Or maybe buy some home magazines to look for inspiration? Once you have created your digital scrapbook of photos, ideas and inspiration, do you try to go online or to the nearest home depot in your area to look for potential suppliers?

Are you a professional looking to get visibility for your services and are not getting the right inquiries? Have you spent on advertising and still not getting any traction? Do you have a competitive construction product or merchandise that you are still selling through newspaper ads and flyers?

These are just some of the challenges existing or potential homeowners or home renovators face in the Philippines as they start their projects and this is what Buildeee is trying to solve.

Welcome to Buildeee, the technology-enabled platform solution for homeowners, developers, professionals, merchants, and builders. Buildeee is poised to have the most comprehensive information of qualified and certified professionals showcasing their work and services, a long list of builder's directories, and the biggest community of construction merchants in the country that offer a vast catalog of home tools, products, and services. Even if you don't fit within any of these categories, you can still explore our most popular topics here as a typical audience member.

Buildeee wants you to be inspired, to simplify and streamline your efforts to find the right products or materials that you need, and to find and collaborate with a qualified architect, engineer, designer or contractor to plan, manage, scale and build your dream home or start your long-awaited home renovation from start to finish through our platform. Since we are also a social media page, we allow on-page reviews. If a client has had experience with a particular designer or company, they can post and rate about it.

For professionals, merchants and homebuilders, we give you the capability to market your business online. We are offering you a platform where you can showcase your services, products and work so that homeowners can find and hire you for their next project or purchase your products. We help you grow your business through Buildeee. You can also encourage your past clients to share their positive reviews on your page to improve your ratings.

With the help of the biggest network of homebuilders, merchants, and design professionals in the country, we can now not only get you in touch with your homebuilders but also negotiate with merchants, assist you in getting a quote, guide you through the process of making your dreams become a reality.

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