“Flipping houses” might not be a term that is common for a lot of Filipinos. They might think it literally means turning a house upside down like a pancake which is not for everyone. For starters, flipping houses simply means purchasing a house and reselling it for a profit. A lot of the Western countries, especially the United States, have resorted to this real estate move just because it has been proven to make big money.

Today, if you want real estate advice, you most probably will hear about flipping houses. Even though the Philippine economy has been fluctuating over the past decades, it would not really take much to convince someone with the means to consider investing in houses. Just tell them that some of the wealthiest people in the world are from the real estate world. So, how do you get into real estate investment, specifically flipping houses? It takes a lot of work and factors, but perhaps, it is for you.

Ask yourself if you’re ready for the investment.

Anywhere in the world, we all know that real estate investment isn’t cheap. While there might be options like having a partner or getting in touch with a private lending company, it will always be wise to know if you’re financially capable to cover the costs of the process.

Analyze your potential purchases.

This includes location, the condition of the house you want to buy, and how much do you think will it cost to renovate the place. These factors are really important to consider before you decide on which house to get since they also determine its marketability. Would you consider buying a really beautiful house near a nuclear plant? Probably not.

Set a timeline.

If you have just been starting, you might find it quite difficult to set a realistic timeline on when to buy a house, when to start renovating, and when do you think will it be sold. But, it is important to have a gauge on how long it will take you to get your money back plus the profit as this will give you an idea of how you should be working next time… or if you should still be working at all.

Do more research.

Professional house flippers don’t just go online all day just to find good properties to buy. In fact, a lot of them are on the road looking for potential houses to bid on. You can start doing that too, and at the same time, you can also research companies that you can pair up with for the renovations that you will be making.

Flipping houses are very profitable. If you want to really get into it, be prepared to really dive into it, not just financially but also physically and (sometimes) emotionally. Renovating a house isn’t easy. Even though you have a team already that could handle the repairs, you will sometimes encounter some major or minor problems along the way. Just make sure your head is set into it before you begin.