As we welcome brand new year, goals and plans must be penciled and set out. If there is one thing that is sure to top your 2021 target list, it could be to find that satisfying investment that could bring a soaring start to your new year. Last year may have changed, but one factor will stay constant when it comes to property investment: location can dictate the success of your investment

Figuring out how you can invest money into something can be a real-deal. That is why having it invested in something that is worthwhile is satisfying and pleasing. Investing in real estate is not an easy decision that one can make overnight. Before signing a reservation agreement and making the first deposit, real estate investment needs due consideration, unlike consumer goods on the market. 

Today, one of Metro Manila's greatest problems is traffic. When public transport and infrastructure concerns continue to bog down the travel itinerary of a regular commuter, people end up buying their own cars as a remedy. The rise in ownership of private cars further adds to the daily traffic jams that we are experiencing. With more transport problems ahead, people are forced to migrate to more convenient places to save them from this crisis.

Megaworld is creating a community from the fabled sunset of Manila Bay and the booming Entertainment City, where one can experience the best of leisure, entertainment, and business all in one address. They offer a realistic solution to traffic issues by simply constructing everything a person wants around them; the township provides everything for you, whether it be an office, a mall, a restaurant or a school. Just imagine- no need for commutes, no jams for rush hours, no long lines, no added costs. A five minute walk is going to be everything you need!

Megaworld offers you your next big property just around Manila hotspots.

South Beach Place

Image courtesy of Megaworld

Parañaque City's 31-hectare Megaworld township is shaping up to be the urban paradise that city dwellers have been looking forward to. It is considered to be the Pearl of Westside City that is surrounded by the fast-paced developments within this township.

The 20-story building was designed by award-winning architectural firm Casas Architects and is influenced by the exciting neighborhood of South Beach in Miami, Florida. The condo development promises to build an ideal home, particularly for those who want comfort, accessibility, and the dynamism of a Megaworld community, with its distinctive style, understated elegance, and sophistication.

South Beach place offers unit owners a smart home technology which allows them to easily monitor lights and appliances remotely or through a smartphone app. They believe and emphasize the importance of convenience.

Residents can choose among the 582 units of South Beach Place. It includes a studio-type unit which can range up to 41.5 square meters and one-bedroom unit that can range up to 61.5 square meters. They also offer a two-bedroom unit and three-bedroom. Former can range up to 83 square meters while the latter can range up to 144.5 square meters. What’s good with this place is that an interior design consultation is available if you are eyeing to combine units.

With a line of commercial and retail spaces to open in the near future on the ground floor level, residents will be greeted in the grand lobby of the condominium. They can also enjoy easy access through a footbridge to the soon-to-rise Westside City Mall, as well as the Westside City Resorts World complex, the country's second Resorts World creation. The fifth floor will contain facilities where residents can also enjoy one of the five South Beach Place sky gardens. Other sky gardens will also be located on the 8th, 11th, 15th, and 18th floors, respectively, planned to allow for a relaxing stay.

Kingsquare Residence

Image courtesy of Megaworld

The city of Manila recently jumped 29 places in Mercer's 2019 Cost of Living Survey, according to Lamudi Philippines, taking 109th place among the most expensive cities for expatriates out of 210 locations worldwide. The city still retains important pieces of the culture and history of the country, only reinforcing Manila as an ideal place in which to create a home. With the city's multifaceted features, it's difficult to deny that when searching for a property investment, the city remains a must-considered spot.

Kingsquare Residence is within the 16-hectare Tourism and Business Park of San Lazaro. It stands as Megaworld’s newest top-notch residential development in the city’s capital, Manila.

Residents can feel the convenience when staying in Kingsquare Residence as it is near to transport hubs, stations and major highways. As Kingsquare Residence is strategically positioned within a friendly, exclusive and peaceful community while being conveniently close to trade centers that include commercial and wholesale destinations, each of the 961 units of the development is an ideal space for budding professionals and businessmen. Offering Studio (up to 31 square meters), One-Bedroom (up to 46 square meters), and Two-Bedroom unit options (up to 61 square meters). As all units will come with balconies, residents are sure to enjoy the views surrounding the house.

Residents will also enjoy convenient access to the Kingsplaza Mall just across the property by footbridge to the soon to rise. Kingsquare Residence, scheduled to be completed in 2024, is the type of property where a home and investment can only be located in one place.

To find out more about Kingsquare Residence in San Lazaro, Manila and Westside City's South Beach Location, during the Chinese New Year Open House on February 1, 2021, you can drop by the Winford Hotel Ballroom within the San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park. Learn more from Mr. Jan Paul Custodio, Senior Partner of Santos Knight Frank, about the value of securing these investments.

Megaworld released their first REITs: MREIT

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