The percentages of Filipinos owning a vehicle are spiking every year, as the Millennials, aging from 18-35, are now investing in assets that last long, such as cars. As it up-surging, parking problems are starting to occur in every establishment.

According to Gen-Z and Millennials, modern problems require modern solutions. Car Parking Lifts are making its way to the industry, as they greatly increase the storage capacity of a parking space without increasing the horizontal area of land that a building must reserve for that purpose.

These are the various kinds of car parking lift systems that you might want to explore before implementing:


Car Loft

Car lift systems practice an arrangement of sturdy chains to lift a car up to the ceiling of an average garage room. One of its features is that it allows a room for a second car underneath the first that has been raised in the ceilings. These chains are shackled to the four corners of a parking platform, while the overall structure is reinforced by vertical beams that circled the podium.

Park Lift

Park Lifts or SUV-Lifts have the capability to support a heavier load than how Car Loft works, since in this type it is equipped with hydraulics to raise a car platform up while it is attached to a two-thick vertical beam, rather than relying on hanging chains. Since the steel is composed of hot-dipped materials and galvanized as well, it can withstand exposure to moisture and it can be installed outdoors.


Wohr ParkLift 450

This lift solves the complication of needing to move the cars to access the others that are stowed overhead using a pit that is dug underground the place. It consists of two hydraulically powered platforms – one top and the other below. With both spots occupied, a person is only capable of taking-out the car on top as the two platforms are moved downward. The podium that is below the other vehicle is sunk into the pit, while the one that was high up is brought to ground level to be taken out.

Car Matrix

This type is a puzzle parking system. It defines that it contains numerous rows and levels of platforms that can each move individually with chains, disregarding the need for people who are parked on the bottom to move their cars out of the way. It is called a puzzle parking system for a reason that it resembles a children’s slide puzzle where tiles can be arranged and rearranged: where one space is always empty to allow a space for movement.


Wohr Park Safe

This type of automatic parking system consists of two shelves: one on the left side while the other is placed on the right. When a car needs to be stored inside, a space between the two shelves accepts the vehicle other than interchanges it to a space available in either one of the racks; the car can be moved both forward and backward, either side to side or even up and down. This circumstance means that the park safe system can be built much higher than any stacker or semi-automated like what was said a while ago, since a person does not need to accompany their car to the spot it will be stored in.

Wohr Level Parker

This level parker consists of multiple space subversive structures that can also be made with two levels. For the person who is parking, there is only a single space in which they place their car, from there, the automobile is moved down by a system into the storage space.


These parking solutions maximize existing space by allowing multiple vehicles to be parked or stored within the blueprint of a single vehicle. It is important to know and study the needed parking solution for any type of establishment.



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