Buildeee has its particular segment on YouTube that provides entertainment and new knowledge to its viewers. We invite professionals in different fields to share their experiences, tips, and advice concerning their expertise in work. The topics revolve around Architecture, Finance, Investment Tips, Planning, Budgeting, etc. This article will give you a glimpse of what we tackle in ProsTalk and the video links that you can watch to catch up on the latest Topics that we have!

Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. Hufton+Crow—Courtesy Zaha Hadid Architects


1.      Prostalk Episode 1 | Why hire an architect (Duration: 37mins)

2.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP2 - Why an Architect should promote themselves Online (Duration: 73mins)

3.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP3 - How to Maximize a Small Space or Condo? (Duration: 67mins)

4.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP4 - Ask Me Anything The Digital Architect (Duration: 97mins)

5.      Prostalk Ep 5 | Struggles of Architects in the Philippines (Duration: 54mins)

6.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP6 - Restarting your Business in the New Normal (Duration: 45mins)

7.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP7 - RA9266 - The Architecture Act of 2004 in Legal Methods (Duration: 66mins)

8.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP8 - Social and Environmental Impacts of Sustainable Architecture (Duration: 58mins)

9.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP9 - Woman's Agenda: How to Succeed in A Man's World (Duration: 45mins)

10. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP11 - Why Interior Designer needs construction Allies (Duration: 53mins)

11. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP12 - Architect Lifehack's (Duration: 67mins)

12. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP13 - Post Pandemic: Making Cities Walkable and Bikeable (Liveability) (Duration: 61mins)

13. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP14 - How to make building promote health and wellness after a Pandemic (Duration: 53mins)

14. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP15 - Urban Design in the Philippines (Duration: 55mins)

15. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP16 - Nature and Built Environment (Duration: 58mins)

16. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP17 - Architect Adjustment for a Pandemic Resistant Home (Duration: 44mins)

17. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP18 - Aesthetic Design Tips for Socialized Housing and Compact Living (Duration: 65mins)

18. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP19 - Advantages of acquiring professional services to housing and construction (Duration: 63mins)

19. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP20 - Stages of Design and Construction: Conceptualization to Reality (Duration: 51mins)

20. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP21 - Church Architecture in the Philippines (Duration: 38mins)

21. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP22 - Church Architecture: Cultural Awareness (Duration: 60mins)

22. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP23 - Restaurant Design and Concept Development (Duration: 54mins)

23. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP24 - Leap to the Digital World: An Architects Point of View (Duration: 62mins)

24. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP29 - Philippines Architecture vs. American Architecture (Duration: 25mins)

25. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP30 - Challenges of a Filipino Architect Working Abroad (Duration: 24mins)

26. BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP31 - Getting Up Close and Personal with Architect Jovito (Duration: 18mins)

27. BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP. 36 | Developing The Essential Architect-Client Relationship (Duration: 21mins)

28. BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP. 37 | How to turn your Ideal and Dream Home into Reality with an Architect (Duration: 34mins)

29. ProsTalk EP47: How Communication Skills Matter in the Architecture Industry (Duration: 24mins)

30. ProsTalk EP48: How to Establish your Brand Amidst New Normal (Duration: 18mins)

31. ProsTalk EP49: Law of Attraction vs. Your Attitude (Duration: 16mins)

32. ProsTalk EP50: Taking the Leap to Good Designing: Exploration and Integration (Duration: 24mins)

33. ProsTalk EP51: Designs Trends That Emerged During The Pandemic (Duration: 23mins)

34. ProsTalk EP52: Things to Consider When Planning To Renovate Your Home (Duration: 21mins)

35. ProsTalk EP53: Renovation Design Process (Duration: 30mins)

36. ProsTalk EP54: Design Concepts That Can Be Timeless (Duration: 22mins)

37. ProsTalk EP56 with Cali Architects: Brutalist Architecture x Cali Architects (Duration: 14mins)

38. ProsTalk EP57 with Cali Architects — Peu Brut: Philippines's First Brutalist Tiny House (Duration: 27mins)

39. ProsTalk EP58 with Cali Architects — The Future of Brutalism with Cali Architects (Duration: 24mins)

40. ProsTalk EP77 with Architect Zai Imperial: Starting your Design and Build Company (Duration: 22mins)


1.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP25 - Season Talks: The Essential of Waterproofing (Duration: 54mins)

2.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP26 - Marble Crystallization, Installation, and Stone Works (Duration: 60mins)

3.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP27 - Construction Guidelines and Project Implementation During Public Emergency (Duration: 56mins)

4.      BuildeeeTV - ProsTalk EP28 - Personal Skills that Architects, Engineers, and other Professionals Must Have (Duration: 42mins)

5.      BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP. 32 | Structural Engineering Softwares for Design Engineers (Duration: 36mins)

6.      BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP. 33 | Civil Engineering and Architecture Design Software Application (Duration: 26mins)

7.      BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP. 34 | Integrated Structural Modeling, Analysis, and Design (Duration: 29mins)

8.      BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP. 35 | Alternative Structural System for Buildings (Duration: 25mins)

9.      BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP 38 | Basic Information & Introduction to Solar Panels On-Grid and Off-Grid (Duration: 31mins)

10. BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP 39 | Solar Panel: Introduction to Circuit, Voltage, and AC/DC Current (Duration: 26mins)

11. BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP 40 | Sizing up your Solar System's Battery and Solar Panel (Duration: 26mins)

12. BuildeeeTV |ProsTalk EP41 | Basic Information on Solar Panels 4: How to Use Solar Panels Effectively (Duration: 26mins)

13. ProsTalk EP 42 | Future of Solar Energy: Considerations and Recommendations (Duration: 28mins)

14. ProsTalk EP 43| Finding the Right Contractor for your Home and Residential Project (Duration: 22mins)

15. ProsTalk EP 45 | Building Permit Requirements and Procedures (Duration: 34mins)

16. ProsTalk EP59 with Eco solar Industries Corporation — Benefits of Getting Solar Panels (Duration: 13mins)

17. ProsTalk EP60 with Eco solar Industries Corporation — When Installing Solar Panels (Duration: 15mins)


1.      ProsTalk EP61 with COL Financial — 2021 Investment Outlook: Investing Beyond The Pandemic (Duration: 35mins)

2.      ProsTalk EP62 with Ally Canita — Decluttering Before Moving To Your New Home (Duration: 21mins)

3.      ProsTalk EP63 with Ally Canita — Tips on Making Your Space Work For You! (Duration: 25mins)

4.      ProsTalk EP71 with David Leechiu - Real Estate in the Post Pandemic World (Duration: 31mins)

5.      ProsTalk EP72 with David Leechiu - Commercial Real Estate 2022 (Duration: 24mins)

6.  ProsTalk EP82 - Short Term Rental Business with MeiLani Hock (Duration: 33mins)

Interior Design and Photography

1.      ProsTalk EP70 with Eng'r Meliza Orbe of OLA Interior Photography (Duration: 19mins)

2.      ProsTalk EP76 with IDr. Hanna Chua - Introduction to Habitat Curator (Duration: 13mins)


1.      ProsTalk EP64 with VST ECS - Maximizing Warehouse Productivity (Duration: 37mins)

2.      ProsTalk EP65 with VST ECS - Warehouse Fire Prevention (Duration: 26mins)

3.      ProsTalk EP66 with VST ECS - Home Office Innovation (Duration: 48mins)

4.      ProsTalk EP73 with PHILTEQ - Introduction to Wireless CCTV (Duration: 22mins)

5.      ProsTalk EP74 - Wi-Tek Products and Services (Duration: 55mins)

6.      ProsTalk EP79 with William Ong: Fire Prevention Awareness Month (Duration: 24mins)

Product and Services

1.      ProsTalk EP67 with E. Riverside - Doors and Windows (Duration: 23mins)

2.      ProsTalk EP68 with LoadMaster - Elevator, Escalator Home Lift (Duration: 17mins)

3.      ProsTalk EP69 with LoadMaster - Parking Systems (Duration: 12mins)

4.      ProsTalk EP75 - ZHU Bamboo Philippines Products and Services (Duration: 14mins)

5.      ProsTalk EP78 with France Castillo: Sanitizing Your Space with Project Clean Ph (Duration: 23mins)

6.      ProsTalk EP80 with AJ Tiamzon: A-Tiam Glass and Aluminum Products and Services (Duration: 19mins)

7.    ProsTalk EP81 - Introduction to Othmann Inc.: Plumbing Innovation (Duration: 22mins)

Business Law

1.      ProsTalk EP55 with King & Graido Law: On Land Transfer of Ownership and On Buying Properties (Duration: 34mins)

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1.      ProsTalk EP83 - Renergy Systems Inc: Saving the Environment with Used Cooking Oil to Diesel Fuel (Duration: 19mins)

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