The process of making our house typhoon-resistant has improved from the traditional to the modern way. Waterproofing has been one of the most critical processes when putting up a house.

Waterproofing is the method of making an item or structure waterproof or water-resistant such that under defined conditions, it remains relatively untouched by water or resists water penetration. Such products can be used at specified depths in wet environments or underwater.

Abided by her philosophy in building spaces that are promoting green lifestyle with a sense of class and luxury, Engineer Hanna Trespeces, is a dedicated Civil Engineer who is skilled in engineering operations. She specializes in Project Management ,Operational Analysis, Technical Plan Execution, Materials Management , Critical Thinker, Marble and Stone Works, and Strong technical aptitude.

Gracing our ProsTalk campaign, Engr. Hanna Trespeces is the first Engineer ever to be featured in the said program. In line with her specialization, Engr. Hanna will provide topics which she will discuss with expertise. She will be the featured professional for the month of November.

First on the list this November, The Essentials of Waterproofing.

In this episode of ProsTalk, Engr. Hanna discussed the importance and pros of getting your house waterproofed.

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Season Talks: The Essentials of Waterproofing

Too much humidity in a certain building can become a possible issue that requires waterproofing. As mentioned above, waterproofing is the process of making a building water-resistant or water-repellant.

Infiltration of water allows a structure to have significant problems. A building is damaged first cosmetically and then structurally by water. It is important to remember that the most likely permanent harm has been caused to the outside by the time a stain occurs on the interior of your house. Roof insulation saturated with water can never dry out. Engr. Hanna mentioned that it will be of greater cost and inconvenience if the process of waterproofing is being disregarded.

In isolation, the trapped moisture can also decay a roof deck and cause roofs to fail prematurely. Water entering walls, relieving angles and holding beams that support the frame, can rust steel. Chloride ions carry moisture penetrating reinforced concrete structures, which can rust reinforcement bars, causing them to increase in size, resulting in concrete spalling. When one begins to understand water infiltration dynamics, one begins to understand the value of maintaining a house.

Water enters the building and can have adverse consequences in the short and long term. Structural harm, aside from damage to the building contents, is inevitable if the issue continues. As a cause of building decay and degradation, water damage can be compared to fire. Water is hydrophilic and the concept of waterproofing is to make it hydrophobic.

Engr. Hanna cited four importance of waterproofing that every household owner can execute in their own houses.


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Many volatile weather factors such as sun rays and rain are usually exposed to the inner part of your house. Walls, floors, the base and even the insulation are included in this. Whenever you try to seal the walls with steel, concrete, etc., they break and get rusty during construction. The walls are prevented from forming a filter by waterproofing your house. It will help prevent water damage from occurring, enabling a safe, solid start in your building or your home.


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When we are doing waterproofing inside our house, it is not just our walls or roofs that we are trying to protect, but also, our health. When moisture makes its way to reach your walls and ceilings, it contributes to build up the growth of mold and mildew. This produces spores, which again contribute to many health issues. Spores are projected into the air, and they will immediately migrate to your lungs as you inhale, which may cause health issues. In order to protect you and your family safely from such unforeseen health issues, it is always best to have waterproofing done at your home at the right time.


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As mentioned above, waterproofing should be part of the initial process when building a house. If the process of waterproofing was not properly executed, it will cost a lot of money. Although waterproofing your home always makes you feel like a daunting assignment, the cost of the process often seems like a blow to your budget. But there's still more prevention than treatment. It is best to think of it as an investment in the long term that makes money over the life of the house.


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Instead of being taken aback by your home's waterproofing costs, what you need to bear in mind is addressing the long-term problem, not the short-term problem.Waterproofing helps to seal a new construction site early which has been found to promote long term comfort. The measures that are taken, help reduce the moisture in the interior of the building. It makes it more comfortable to live in, while also providing a foundation for further work later on. Thinking about this early can help prevent headaches about the matter later.

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