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Bosny B132 Chain Cleaner Spray

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Chain cleaner spray Bosny size 500 ml.

Product Description

Chain cleaner spray B132

How to use

- Continuously spray on the chain.

- For thick and stubborn grime, use a brush to help scrub it off.

- Re-spray while scrubbing.

- Leave it to dry or spray water to clean it.

- Wipe and let dry.

- It is recommended to leave a light coat of Bosny Chain Cleaner on the chains

- Used to clean motorcycle chains, big leaves, dirt bikes, bicycle chains, and all kinds of industrial chains.

- Remove dirt, oil stains, grease, asphalt, etc.

- Free from chlorine and acetone

- Harmless to rubber O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring.

- Prolongs the service life of the chain

-Easy to use, spray around the chain

- High-pressure nozzle washes every nook and cranny

- Net content 500 ml.

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