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Bosny Epoxy Clear

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Available Size: 1 Kg. Ready to Use Permanent Bonds. Non-Shrink Can be Drilled Quick Cure in 30 Minutes (Cream Color After Mixing A+B)

Product Description

Ready to use epoxy adhesive for permanent bondings of concrete, for repairs on wall cracks, floors, roof, water tanks, and for contracts of various materials such as wood, metals, glasses, fiberglass, ceramic, marbles, and stones. Can withstand high pressure, heat, and various chemicals. Waterproof and weather resistant. Suitable for making molds, boat repairs, floor repairs, swimming pool repairs, concrete holes fill-up and etc.


  1. Surfaces to be glued should be dry, clean, and free of oils. To ensure the best bond, roughen surfaces with sandpaper
  2. Mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B thoroughly.
  3. Make sure to use up the mixed components within 5 minutes. The glue will dry up within 30 minutes depending upon weather conditions and will be fully cured after 72 hours.

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