MORTASEAL Waterproofing 100% Flexible

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Cementitious Waterproofing Compound Permanent Solution to Leakage Guaranteed 100% Flexible

Product Description

100% Flexible Single Component MORTASEAL is a German technology cementitious waterproofing compound formulated to stop seepages and leakage on concrete surfaces of walls and floors. It withstands concrete movements shock and provides a PERMANENT SOLUTION TO LEAKAGE.

 It consists of high quality polymer to avoid brittleness and creates a tough surface which overcomes extreme movements due to environmental conditions. It seals off water from in and out of concrete structures. Mortaseal is seamless unlike membrane waterproofing. It integrates/crystallizes on concrete due to its capillary system, recommended for positive and negative side application. It is easy to apply using paint brush for an inexpensive concrete surface preparation, 100% water base, non toxic, and odorless and easy to maintain by brushing on affected area. It can be applied any weather conditions even rainy days. 

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