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Tai Sui Amulet

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Tai Sui Amulet


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Tai Sui Amulet

 Bestseller charms for 2021

– Carrying the annual tai sii amulet to appease and show respect to the yearly god known as the general tai sui. 2021 tai sui General Yan Xin, he brings a year of growth and rebuilding after difficulties in previous year.

– Gaining his support helps thise in business to recuperate from losses and sufferings. His blessings also helps you gain someone’s attention to guide and at your side in times of troubles.

– Good for any animal sign, especially for year of the Ox, the Sheep, the Horse, the Dragon and the Dog signs.

– Also good for those birth month fall on January, April, June, July, & October.

– Feng Shui cures, enhancers and Personal Power Bracelet, Prosperity Basket, Power Talisman Coin are also available soon…

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