BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP 38 | Basic Information on Solar Panels 1: Introduction to Solar Panels On-Grid and Off-Grid

Learn something today as we unfold the basic information on Solar Panels that can help homeowners generate their power and can therefore greatly offset your monthly electricity bill.

Guest: Engr. Richard De Jesus Registered Mechanical Engineer / Registered Electrical Engineer

00:00 Basic Information on Solar Panels | Introduction to Solar Panels On-Grid and Off-Grid 07:45 Introduction 10:00 Guest introduction 11:55 Definition of On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Panels 12:17 On-grid system 12:28 Off-Grid 13:20 Micro Off-Grid 14:21 Battery works 15:22 Relevant Solar Panel system when living in Urban Area 16:02 How much will be saved? 17:35 How to reach a professional when it comes to project needs? 17:56 How many solar providers are there in the Philippines and criteria to ask before proceeding with putting up Solar Panels 19:00 Investment in solar to generate appliances in one typical household. 20:29 Benefit of Solar Panels 22:00 MOA power system 22:40 Net Metering in the Philippines 29:03 Savings when investing in a net metering 23:22 Companies offering solar panels 25:15 Investment in solar panels and batteries 26:50 Battery life 27:09 How long can you use solar panels at night? 28:23 Promotion 29:55 Outro

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