BuildeeeTV | ProsTalk EP. 36 | Developing The Essential Architect-Client Relationship

Learn something today as we unfold the essential relationship that any professionals and clients should have when it comes to working. Code and ethics being provided during the pandemic.

Guest: Arch. T. Jordan Ong Principal Architect | TJSO Architects

00:00 Developing the Essential Architect-Client Relationship 05:18 Introduction 06:20 Guest's introduction 07:40 Biggest challenge in the architecture profession 08:42 How do you communicate with clients and let them understand your design 09:12 Don't sound antagonistic to them 10:17 Viewers of ProsTalk 10:52 Design Philosophy 11:20 Popularity of modern minimalist design 12:40 Timeline in finishing a project 14:14 How to stay in-touch amidst pandemic 15:11 Takeaways 18:30 Outro

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