BEARSEUM in Tagaytay City: First Teddy Bear Museum in The Philippines

Recreate and reminisce your childhood memories with one of the most loved stuffed toys in the world. Join Chrisye in exploring this BEAR-y beautiful and exciting spot just a few kilometers from Manila.

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00:00 BEARSEUM Tour in Tagaytay 00:30 Introduction 01:00 Feastivities in the Philippines Section 01:35 Valentine's section 03:04 Blossomville Suite 04:03 Birthday Corner 04:15 Celebratory Corner 04:44 Fiesta 04:56 Holloween section 05:30 Enchanted forest room 07:17 Woodland Suite 08:20 Atlantis 09:10 Bearseum Kitchen 12:11 History of Bearseum 15:12 How's the experience 16:04 Promotion 16:23 Merchandise store 17:10 Outro

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