Bosny Water Seal (Water-based)


Transparent water-based waterproofer that penetrates dry porous materials to seal out water. Waterproofs wood, concrete, masonry, brick, and natural stone. Dried to clear transparent film which protects objects from moisture, rain dirt, and weathering.

Product Description


Ready to use - do not dilute, Do not apply at temperatures below 100 C. Keep from freezing, For best results surface should be clean and dry. Repair all cracks. Smooth concrete floors should first be etched to allow penetration.

- Do not use chemically treated wood.

- Can be used on pressure-treated wood.

Apply with a hand pump, low pressure, or airless sprayer, Brush or roller may be used if an even saturated coat is carefully applied. Cover areas not to be sealed (such as windows) prior to spraying. Use caution when spraying on windy days. Apply a second coat to porous surfaces after the first coat has dried for at least 1 hour.

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