CKI Builders and Engineering Service

in Quezon City, PH

CKI BUILDERS & ENGINEERING SERVICES is a construction company duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) is qualified to engage on the construction contracting business in the Philippines.

CKI Builders is a construction company committed to respond to the ever growing needs of our society with regards to shelter and infrastructure. It is fully backed by a well-trained and highly successful team of Engineers whose expertise has been derived from decades of extensive training in construction management, structural design and actual field operations both in vertical and horizontal constructions.

Supreme quality and utmost reliability are the company’s major strengths. An experienced, well trained and technically proficient management personnel assures clients of cost-effective and competent projects. Effective management techniques are consistently applied in project planning and implementation. CKI Builders maintains skillful, competent labor workforce who works hand in hand with every efficient site administrator to guarantee best results.

CKI Builders is confident that it will meet the challenges it will take, present and future of the contracting industry and will realize its visions set for the year 2019 and beyond without compromising its values and ideals.


Construction and Engineering Services


Quezon City, Metro Manila


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