Creauphilia Architects

in Marikina City, PH

We are an Architectural Design and Build Firm that specializes in Biophilic Design—which seeks to connect people more closely to nature by incorporating natural elements into the spaces in order for the users to enjoy its benefits, whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Our name translates to our mission⁠: To create beauty through Biophilia. Our fascination with nature, and our love for designing spaces, gave birth to an architectural firm which proves that being one with nature is not just an escape. Hence, it is absolutely possible to make it a part of our everyday lives by thoughtfully integrating it into our spaces.


▪ Design Consultation
▪ Detailed Architectural & Engineering Design Services
▪ Architectural Interiors
▪ Design and Build
▪ Interior Fitout


Marikina City, NCR


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