Kenneth & Mock Windows & Doors

Kenneth and Mock Designs, Inc. (Kenneth&Mock™) started December 1997. It came in with the vision of introducing and providing top quality European products and technology to our construction industry in the window and door segment.

Being the first of its kind to enter the Philippine market, Kenneth&Mock™ provided the much needed alternative to steel, aluminum or even wooden windows and doors specially in terms of quality. It made such an impact in the industry that it cornered the high-end residential market, taking up a major share of the once used-to-be aluminum dominated market. Kenneth&Mock™ raised the bar and set the standard in quality windows and doors.

Kenneth&Mock™ with over 4,000 clients nationwide is known for 20 years of service excellence.


We at Kenneth&Mock™ strictly adhere to European standards of installation using German neutral silicon sealants, foaming infill, stainless expansion bolts and accessories.




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