Parametic Engineering & Construction

in Bacoor City, PH

ARAMETRIC E&C is a licensed and registered contractor with the Philippine Contractor Accreditation Board (PCAB) and were established to address and cater the needs of broad clientele from residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructural and other engineering projects where expertise and experience by a qualified professional within design or constructions aspects are highly sought.

Parametric means we are adaptable to varied clients and industry requirements considering the continuous evolvement of the engineering and construction.
We do everything in professional manner and within the code of ethics of our professional organizations and code of conducts between client and service provider.

As our country is fast developing and gearing towards the Association of Southeast ASEAN Nation economic integration, our services to be provided are within the acceptable bounds of the industry in international settings.

Our experience is not only in the Philippines as most of the technical personnel of the company are former Overseas Contract Worker who gained vast experiences from different countries such as Brunei, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, USA and other countries which we can adopt to Philippine settings and standards.

PARAMETRIC ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION also committed to position itself to be a vital player and provider of better solutions which is sustainable, innovative, economical and efficient products and designs into the Philippine Market and nearby regions.

Services Provided

Architectural Design

Other Services

Commercial Construction, Planning & Design, Construction & Construction
Management, Architectural/Civil/Structural Detailed Design


Bacoor City, Cavite


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