Proteq (A. Alvarez Trading & Services Corporation)

in Santa Rosa, PH

ProtEq ( A. Alvarez Trading and Services Corp.) is a startup business founded to distribute Head to Toe Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) in the Philippines. It was a brainchild of a family that has many years of experience in managing PPE business in Brunei and Service business in the Philippines. With strong commitment to quality product and personalized service, ProtEq was established. ProtEq believes that it can give Global Quality Product and Services with affordable price thru the owners hands on involvement both in product selection, inspection and distribution and also thru personal but professional relationship to its clients.

      In order to ensure that it only provides quality products, ProtEq is committed to only get supplies from well established counterparts for its PPE items and ProtEq also have its own Sewing Plant in order to ensure that its Coverall, its main product, will have the best quality from its materials to workmanship. 

    ProtEq’s mission is to ensure personal safety in the workplace by providing quality tested products for the workers and the workplace itself. And by doing so, the company will be able to provide security and over all life improvement to its Business Partners, Employees, Customers and Society.

      In 5 years or by 2020, ProtEq envisions itself to be the most trusted Personal Protective Equipment Specialist in the Philippines and be the number 1 preferred partner of global protective equipment companies. By that time, ProtEq will also be giving safety training as part of its service plus to its clients and will also be ISO certified.


ProtEq can provide the following product and services:

Head Protection Equipment (e.g. Helmet, Ear Muff, Ear Plug, Masks, etc)

Body Protection Equipment (e.g. Coverall, Rain Coat, High Visibility Vest, etc.)

Hand Protection Equipment (e.g. Gloves)

Foot Protection Equipment ( e.g. Safety Shoes, Safety Boots, Rain Boots, etc. )

Fall Arrest Equipment ( e.g. Harness, Lanyard, etc.)


Santa Rosa, Laguna


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